Born in San Francisco, California November 7th, 1970

In 1971, less than a year old, Trine boards the American Boat with her mother to begin a new life in Norway in a small town called Nesodden. Already on the boat, Trine shows early signs of having a knack for the entertainment business, and at 6 she declares she is going to become a “singing star”. In her childhood home at Nesodden, Trine begins her determined journey developing her voice and the skills of a performing artist.


At 15, Trine becomes the singer in the duo called “The Sound of Silence”. Creating pop-songs together with keyboard player Aasgeir Knutsen, the duo enters a local talent show in Nesodden (Norges Kulturmønstring). The talent show is a success for the duo, and they get 2nd place in the final. Shortly after, the duo dissolves, and Trine leaves Norway to finish her senior year at Antioch High School in California and thus receives her US diploma as an honor student.

Back in Norway, Trine quickly finds her way into the circles of the music business, and begins a career as a studio singer to perform on various radio commercials and jingles. She also becomes the singer of cover band “Saturn”, something that Trine to this day refers to as the most important part of her education as a performing artist and singer. Saturn is her main source of income through 1988-1992, in addition to the radio jingles and commercials she does. 


In 1991, Trine is asked to sing the backup vocals on a track for a new hip hop band called W.I.P (World in Peace). The band is so happy with Trine’s performance that they ask her to sing the backups on the rest of the tracks as well. When their album is complete, Trine’s contribution is so dominating that the band realizes they need to add her as a full member. The style of music represented by W.I.P. is not something Trine desires to pursue as she feels she is reduced to being an ad lib singer rather than the lead singer she sees herself as. Trine agrees to play the part of a substitute until the band can find another singer. Upon the album release of “The Songs We Write”, W.I.P. gets a radio hit with their first single, “Ghost Jam”, and is suddenly a sought after band for interviews and tv shows in Norway. The next single, a cover version of the Everly Brother’s “All I do is Dream” also makes it to the charts, and at this point Trine is discovered as a singer by other record labels. Trine is contacted by manager Steinar Fjeld, who ensures her first contract as a solo artist with EMI Records in Norway.

Two years later, in November of 1993, Trine’s debut album “Finders Keepers” is finally ready for release, with first single “Just missed the train”. After all this time, Trine has lost faith in herself as well as in the album, and the night prior to the release she finds herself torn up in tears on the floor. The market, however, has a different opinion, and in less than two months, “Finders Keepers” has passed 50.000 copies in the stores. Into 1994, the album makes number one in the charts in Norway, and sales end at 200.000 copies in Norway (every fourth home has one...), and more than 400.000 copies is sold in Japan. In Japan, single “Just missed the train” tops all of 16 different charts at once. Follow up single “Stay with me baby” also becomes a radio hit and places Trine on the map of very credible singers. Trine’s over night success has taken everyone by surprise, including the artist herself. However, due to a very heavy schedule of promoting and touring with her album, Trine is not given much time to contemplate her incredible break through, and for a while her life becomes a complete whirlwind.

During this period, she breaks the collaboration with her first manager, Steinar Fjeld, and begins working with new manager, John Overgaard in Denmark. This brings her to Copenhagen where she switches record companies to work with EMI Medley, Denmark. Her new A&R/Executive Producer Poul Bruun becomes her right hand for the next few years, and together they create follow up albums, “Beneath my Skin” and “To find the Truth”. “Beneath my Skin” is released in 1996 with first single “Torn” which opens new territories for Trine as well as securing her position as an established artist in Norway and Japan. The total sales of her second album pass 300.000 copies.

In the springtime of 1997, Trine is invited to participate in an annual songwriter retreat in France, organized by Sting-manager Miles Copeland. More than once, the songwriter sessions at “Le Printemps de Marouatte”, or “the Castle songs” have made music history, with among others, Aerosmith’s hit song “Love in an elevator” by Mark Hudson and Steven Tyler. Trine has the honorable opportunity to work and write with legendary songwriters like Carole King, Louise Goffin, Mark Hudson, Bob Dipiero and Billy Maddox, as well as musicians and artists like Vinnie Colaiuta, Dominic Miller and Brad Roberts from the “Crash Test Dummies” to mention only a few. This experience changes the course of Trine’s plans, and she decides to temporarily move to Los Angeles, CA to pursue working with her newfound colleagues in the music business.

“To find the Truth” is to a great extent produced in LA, California, where Trine spends much time between 1997-2000. The great Norwegian influence in this particular album cover, video and press pictures symbolize Trine’s passion for her childhood country, and her need to share the beauty of Norway with fans across the world. Although passing sales of 100.000 copies, the Norwegian press decides that Trine’s attempt to promote Norway internationally is not of any interest, and her career no longer impresses them. Upon finishing her promotion tour with the “To find the Truth” album, Trine takes a brake from the music business to recover from her immensely hectic years of success, and to seek inspiration for new and exciting future projects.

The break from the music business lasts for five years with only a few occasional rare performances. Trine Rein moves back to live with her father in San Francisco, California where she can be incognito and continue to work with people from her network. Trine faces an all time low in her career as a professional artist, and finds herself working as a limousine driver to make ends meet. Continuing to pursue her dream as a singer and artist, she moves to Los Angeles to create more music with friends and colleagues, still stuck in the limousine business to make a living. During this time, many songs are created, and many demos recorded, however few of which have seen the light of day. Trine faces another surreal experience in her job as a limousine driver as she encounters her unknowing famous colleagues as clients in her vehicle. People like Quincy Jones, Paula Abdul, Clive Davis, and Robert Plant are all clients Trine takes care of in her job, and yet she is prevented from letting them know about her “other life” as a professional artist..


In 2004, Trine gets a break she has long awaited when theatre producer Anders Eriksen from Norway contacts her in LA to offer her a part in a new show called “80-tallet Beat for Bit” (The 80-ies, Beat by Bit). The show is performed by Torhild Sivertsen, Tom Sterri, Sturla Berg-Johansen and Trine Rein in addition to The Monroes as permanent guest artists. This will be a stepping stone towards a place in the entertainment business, and Trine resigns from her job as a limousine driver shortly after to go back to Norway. The show is a great success, and becomes Trines main source of income for the next two years in addition to opening doors for her into the music business. Her record company, EMI Records, release a greatest hits album, “The Very Best of Trine Rein”, in attempt to take part in Trine’s comeback as a live artist in Norway. 

In the summer of 2005, Trine creates her own summer show to be seen at Trommøy outside of Arendal. The show is called “Sommerstemning med Trine Rein”, and is a feel-good type show with elements of music, poetry and short stories. The experience helps Trine really grow as an artist and a performer, and gives her new dimension in ways to communicate with her audience. 

In 2006, Trine participates in a concert called “ABBA in Symphony” together with Tommy Kjörberg, Geir Rønning and Maarja-Liis from Estonia. The concert is held in Hjertnes Kulturhus in Sandefjord, and is seen by many. 

The following fall, the four singers Trine Rein, Marianne Antonsen, Sigrid Brennhaug and Torhild Sivertsen get together with band leader Øystein Lund-Olavsen to plan and create a brand new show called “The Ladies Night”. The show is directed by Erik Ulfsby, and played through the fall/winter season of 2006 at Edderkoppen Theatre in Oslo. The singers are not entirely happy with the way the show turned out, and feels there is a distance between their roles on stage and the expectations of their audience. Due to this friction, the girls decide to take matters into their own hands, and re-direct their show. The new premier is a great success, and the show continues through the spring and summer of 2007 in various cities around Norway.

In the fall of 2008, Trine meets the love of her life, explorer, author and expert on wilderness, Lars Monsen. Monsen is an important addition to Trine's life, giving her the support, stability and foundation she needs to begin creating a new solo album. With the exception of a Christmas tour in November/December with KOR-90 and guests, Trine Rein performs only a limited amount of live concerts due to the planning of a new album. In 2009, Trine is contacted by yet a new producer to participate in the celebration of Motown Records 50'ieth anniversary. A new show is created, and during the fall of 2009, solo artists Marianne Antonsen, Noora Noor, Knut Anders Sørum, Marvin Charles and Trine Rein performs gems from Motown Records on Edderkoppen theatre in Oslo with much success.


At this point, Trine Rein stakes out a new direction for herself as a recording artist. With the firm support and motivation from her better half, Trine begins to write, record and finance her most personal solo album to date, and her first album in twelve years, "Seeds of Joy". On September 20, 2010 "Seeds of Joy" is released in Norway, and later world wide. 

After all this time, Trine is extremely excited to get out on tour with her own band to present the music from her new album. At the same time, Lars and Trine get the idea they are going to create a show together, combining their two professions in music and speech into a full evening show. They call their show Vilt&Vakkert (Wild&Beautiful), and the plan is to set up this original evening show in only a few, selected venues in Norway. On Oct. 6th, 2010, they perform the opening show of Vilt&Vakkert in Årnes, a small town in the South East of Norway. The show is well received by the audience, and to no surprise, not so well received by the critics. At first, the show is only set up in 10 different venues. These are completetly sold out, and Trine and Lars decide to extend their tour to visit more venues around Norway. One year later, Vilt&Vakkert is seen by some 20.000 people from Kristiansand to Alta, and is well received and recommended by many throughout the country.

Vilt&Vakkert is now only available for event booking. In Nov. 2011, a live recording of Vilt&Vakkert from Olavshallen in Trondheim is released on a DVD.

Recording albums and playing live is something Trine really enjoys, and in the springtime of 2011, she begins pondering her next album. Through much encouragement from her surroundings, Trine decides to begin planning for her next album – a Christmas album! The idea of creating a Christmas album is  something Trine has always dismissed due to the amount of existing Christmas albums on the market. However, after a strong, spiritual experience in a church in LA a few years earlier, Trine perceives the new urge to actually record her very own Christmas album as a calling to share the message she received.

Many have asked Trine why she never sings in Norwegian, so this time Trine challenges herself, and records a mixture of English and Norwegian lyrics. Ths album is called “Julegaven” (The Christmas gift), and is released on Nov. 25th 2011.

As Trine's first Christmas album, JULEGAVEN (THE CHRISTMAS GIFT) is released, Trine sets out on her very first solo Christmas tour in Norway. She begins to work with various local children choirs in the Soul Children network, opening her tour in the local church of her new home town, Skiptvet together with wonderful Skiptvet Soul Children. Leading and conducting Skiptvet Soul Children is Wenche Pedersen Dahl, a person who later proves to become an important contact and friend of Trine in the following years. Wenche inspires and motivates Trine to continue on her quest to share the gift she received, and Trine decides to make the Christmas tour an annual tradition. In 2011, Trine works with Soul Children choirs visiting 10 different churches.

2012 is also a productive year for Trine as a recording artist. Together with her better half, Lars Monsen, and her friend, writer and producer, Øystein Lund Olafsen, she writes and records a new support song to honor the mushers in the dog mushing race, Femundløpet. The song is called "When Heroes are Made", and is released on February 2nd, 2012. To the surprise of the writers, the melody of the song turned out to be particularly similar to Toto's "Child's Anthem". Needless to say, this caused a few weeks of nerves and headache for the share holders, and Trine did what she felt was the only right thing to do, - she contacted the writer of "Child's Anthem", David Paich in Toto to work the issue out. David turned out to be a very understanding and positive guy, and to make a long story short, Trine and David managed to work out a deal where they actually ended up as co-writers on "When Heroes are Made". Trine speaks of this event as a very honorable chapter in her life as a song writer, and is eternally grateful to David Paich for meeting with her to find a good solution.

Later in 2012, Trine also records and releases a new single written by Hanne Sorvaag, Svein Olav Hyttebakk and Sam Bisbee. The song is called "If you're next to me", and is immediately embraced by her live audience as she performs it in her concerts that year. The radios, on the other hand, are more reluctant to play the new single, and unfortunately it ends up being one of many hidden gems in the history of music...

In November the same year, she records a new, traditional Norwegian Christmas song, "Deilig er jorden" to be added to her digital Christmas album. Trine plans and coordinates all preparations for her second Christmas tour, and starting late November, she visits 18 churches, working with some 40 local choirs on the way. At this point, Trine begins working with Hilde Killingdalen from Killing Promotion, soon to become Trines right hand in several ways. For the second year in a row, her Christmas tour is a financial drawback, however Trine keeps the faith that things will turn around as long as she does not give up. She continues to plan another Christmas tour for the next year, but first - she passes an important milestone:


20 year anniversary!

Trine Rein celebrates her 20th anniversary as a recording solo artist in Norway!

She wants her anniversary year to begin with the release of new music. Right after new years, Trine releases her new single, "The weight of your kiss", written by Danish artist, producer and writer, Tobias Stenkjær.

In July, Trine Rein is to perform at a festival called "Skudefestivalen" on the West-coast of Norway. This is where she runs into tenor Sveinung Hølmebakk from Nordic Tenors for the first time, and together they perform David Foster's "The Prayer". The more than 5000 people in the audience love their performance, and the two singers decide to create something exciting together for the following year.

In September/October of 2013, the anniversary is celebrated with Trine's very own anniversary tour. The tour is called "20 years - in the Midst of Music", and she performs a self written multi media show in 9 different venues, covering 7 Norwegian counties with a 5 piece band and crew on the road. The tour is also entirely booked and coordinated by Trine Rein herself, with a lot of help from her PR-manager, Hilde Killingdalen.

Finishing up her anniversary tour, receiving standing ovations from an undoubtedly impressed audience, Trine turns around to release her very first live album from the anniversary show. The album is called "Hit's and Favorites" from her "20 years - in the Midst of Music". Her new artist partner, Sveinung Hølmebakk, joins her in some of her anniversary concerts, and together they perform "The Prayer" which ends up as one of the tracks on Trine's live album.

But there is no rest for the weary. Come November, Trine begins her third Christmas tour. This time, she has booked as many as 21 concerts herself, and works with some 40 various, local choirs along the way. She covers 15 of the Norwegian counties this time, travels far, and meets many wonderful people. She claims to get energized from sharing her message in every church she visits, and promises to continue on her endeavour to spread the Christmas gift of unconditional love which she once received.

In 2014, Trine Rein and her better half, Lars Monsen create another show together. This time the show is based upon the new TV-series shown on Norwegian national tv during Christmas, "Monsen and his dogs". Simultaneously, Trine celebrates her 20th anniversary as an international recording artist, and her repertoar is much based on her live album, "Hit's and Favorites". Their new show is called "DagsTour" ("DayTour"), and at first is only set up in a couple of venues. The couple really does not want to make this their main focus as they both have other obligations in their own professions. Lars is really in the middle of the dog mushing racing season, and only has a few days to spare for shows in his busy schedule, and Trine is working on her upcoming Christmas tour, Julegaven 2014. 

Julegaven Christmas Tour 2014

November 2014, Trine releases a new, updated version of her Christmas album, Julegaven (The Christmas Gift), and embarks on her fourth Christmas tour by the same name. Like all the other years, Trine Rein organizes the entire Christmas tour by herself, only getting the assistance of her friend and colleague Hilde Killingdalen from Killing Promotion to set up the promotion behind the tour. Trine contacts the various local choirs, puts together the logistics, organizes the sponsors, provides the sound system and is the band leader - all the way down to being the designated driver of the band bus she is involved in all the odds and ends of the tour. Upon finishing the tour after completing 16 concerts and the same amount of rehearsals with the various local choirs prior to every concert, she can finally look back on a successful tour not only performance wise, but also financially. It took four years of blood, sweat and tears to make ends meet - in case you're wondering how profitable all the so-called Christmas artists out there really are... 


To be continued....